The Sins of Yesterday

Adventure date 6-16-17_The Ruins

Last Time on The Sins of Yesterday, our five intrepid adventurers, along with the help of Kezak, found themselves coming ashore the island covered with ruins on Lake Ashoka.  Upon arriving on the island, it was discovered that a Chainer boat, much like the one the party commandeered, was already at the island.Upon entering the ruins it was discovered that they used to be a temple of sorts that was dedicated to the three.  Traveling further in to the ruins two paths were discovered, one locked by a gate and one that appeared to be  in an extreme state of disuse.  Without having any method to unlock the gate it was decided that the party should head down the other path in hopes that it circled around and ended up behind the gate.  The first room that the party came across was full of tombs which harbored residents who didn't seem too interested in staying dead.  With the help of some divine magic, causing the majority of the undead to attempt to flee, the party managed to clear them and their spider friends out.  Traveling further in, another room was found containing a painting of the girl of our dreams (Literally).  Surprisingly the suits of armor in the room came to life attacking the party.  the armor was quickly taken care of with some minor injuries to the party forcing a short rest.  After the rest the exploration continued, this time leading to an amphitheater like room that contained a large bowl that gave off magic.  A small portion of Weave was dropped into the bowl causing an eruption of black flames from the bowl, which quickly dissipated along with all the magic the bowl was previously radiating.  Finding no answers as to what happened the party continued until they came across Silver Chain Chinsah arguing with The Blue One.  The party decided to intervene by taking on Chinsah along with her black dragon wyrmling.  With a f, ew close calls, and a couple of party members nearly dying, the party succeeded in defeating Chinsah and after a short talk with The Blue One retrieved the Ash Maker  Scroll.  Then making a quick escape  where only the majority of the party was rendered unconscious, and the party found themselves upon a carriage that was waiting for them.  Upon fleeing through Renthem, it was found that the Blood Guard had started to burn parts of the city as well as publicly executing the Dragonborn and Gnome children that had helped the party earlier.  Due to intervention from Borrin and others the party managed to escape the city.



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